How to Create a Remarkable Experience for Your Customers!

Creating a remarkable customer experience transforms everything about the way you run your business!

“Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable!”

is a quote accredited to Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad.

The most successful companies in the world understand this, so they’ve developed values or service standards that are an integral part of the culture of their business.  And these values have made them remarkably famous!

Here are 7 Remarkable Customer Values that you can implement into your business too:

Episode 6: Amien Sym – Building Strategic Partnerships


Amien Sym is one of Australia’s most successful Personal Insurance Advisers, and over the past 20 years has built a solid business that grows stronger each year.

In an industry that continues to get scrutinised by the regulators, and where financial rules and regulations seem to be constantly changing, Amien has been able to stay ahead of the game by evolving and changing to meet the market conditions.

In this episode, you’ll discover the importance of building strategic partnerships to help you grow your sales.

The principles that he is going to share today can be implemented across many different industries, so I hope you’re ready to pick up some great tips and strategies to help you grow your sales success.

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Episode 5: Jen Bricker – Everything Is Possible!

bricker_jen-1Jen Bricker is an Aerialist, an Acrobat and a Motivational Speaker and she’s just released her brand new book called ‘Everything is Possible’.

Growing up she played basketball, softball, volleyball and went rollerskating.

Now you might be thinking…what’s the big deal with that…lots of people do these things?

Well, the big difference is that Jen was born without legs!

She was also given up by her parents at birth and welcomed in by her new family who believed that she would grow up doing the same things that everybody else does!

I know her story is going to inspire you, so get ready to have any excuses you may have about not being able to reach your goals totally blown away!

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Episode 4: Bill Caskey – Sales Wisdom


Bill Caskey is the co-host along with Bryan Neale, of the hugely successful Advanced Selling Podcast…which is the longest-running – and one of the most popular – sales podcasts in the world!

Bill is based in Indianapolis in the US, and is the President of Caskey Training, and he’s been training sales people and coaching their leaders for about the past 25 years! So he’s got loads of wisdom to share with us today.

He’s also written four books including Same Game New Rules; The Sales Playbook, Email It! and Re-Wire the Sales Mind. You can check these out at Bill’s website.

I’ve invited Bill on the show to share some of the Sales Wisdom that he’s picked up over the past two decades of training successful sales professionals.

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Episode 3: Gerry Duffy – The Goal Getter!

In this week’s episode, you’re going to see how you can move from being a Goal Setter…to a Goal Getter!


Have you ever thought about running a marathon?

Well my guest this week ran 32 marathons in 32 days! And then a year later, he ran 10 Iron Man events in 10 Days!

A big part of these incredible achievements was due to setting goals – and then getting those goals!

To achieve Sales Success you also need to be a Goal Getter, and the principles that Gerry Duffy shares in this interview will help you to take your sales results to a whole new level.

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Episode 2: Julie Ormston – How To Generate Endless Referrals from Your Clients

If you want to discover the secrets to getting endless referrals from your existing clients, then you’re going to love my guest this week.


Julie Ormston runs a successful Real Estate Agency in Perth, Western Australia.

But what makes her stand out from the crowd is that she generates 7 out of every 10 new clients either from her existing database, or from referrals from her existing clients.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn the power of building long-term relationships with the people who have already decided to do business with you.

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Episode 1: Chris Helder – Useful Belief

My special guest on this week’s show says that Positive Thinking doesn’t work anymore! But he has an alternative idea that does!


Chris Helder is one of Australia’s most sought after and popular speakers – and has spoken to more than 2000 audiences throughout the world over the past 14 years.

This year he released his latest book which is called Useful Belief.

You’re going to really enjoy the strategies and ideas he shares on developing useful beliefs in your life…rather than just relying on positive thinking…to achieve your sales success.

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I’m very excited to launch my brand new podcast!

Each week, I’ll be bringing you an interview with a successful Sales Professional, Sales Coach/Speaker or Small Business Owner, to inspire you to go out and achieve the kind of sales success that you dream of!

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Episode 30: Sell Your Way To Success [Podcast]

From broke at 19 to multi-millionaire by age 25, Kirsty Dunphey proves that it doesn’t matter where you live or how little you start with, you can sell your way to success.

When you discover what you’re good at, and then pursue it with total commitment, it’s amazing what you can achieve!