How Can I Help You?

Hello, my name is Glen Smyth and I love talking about how businesses can grow by delivering remarkable customer service!

Just like you, I love experiencing extraordinary service...and I also despair when I see how some companies treat their customers so poorly.

For the past decade, I have achieved continual sales success each year as a new homes consultant, by looking after my clients and providing an exceptional level of service that they both loved and appreciated.

I've also studied some of the greatest companies in the world, and discovered a direct link between legendary service and their remarkable success.

I now want to combine my personal experience with the strategies of the best to help your business deliver the kind of service that will turn your customers into raving fans!

So whether you're looking for an in-house workshop or a keynote presentation for your next industry event or conference, let's chat about how we could work together.

You can find all of my contact details at the bottom of this page.

I promise you that I'll respond you won't be diverted through a series of voice prompts before you can speak with a real person...I'll answer the phone myself!

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I'd love to speak with you about presenting one of my in-house Training Workshops or delivering a Keynote Presentation at your next conference or event. You can contact me by email at or by calling me personally on +61 (0) 412 167 827.